Bryan Welton Profile

Welton brings a near-unfair amount of knowledge in manufacturing, supply chain management, systemic processes, and e-business. His formal education includes a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, an MBA in E-Business Systems, and certification from the Dale Carnegie School of Leadership.

Of course, the proverbial "golden touch" is measured by track record. From the time of his entrepreneurial birth in 2000 to present, Bryan has handcrafted the #12 fastest growing private manufacturing firm in America, built a multi-million-dollar investment portfolio, launched over 50 successful e-commerce sites, and has helped 100's of small businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada to eradicate inefficiencies and bolster their bottom lines.

Welton established Namify LLC in 2001, and since founded; Welton Capital, LLC, White Fir Properties, LLC, Engraving Etc, LLC and co-founded Playmuity, LLC and VeraClean, LLC.

  • Reed Smoot Businessman of the Year
  • Ranks on Inc. 5000’s list of fastest growing private companies in America
  • Ranks on top 100 Utah Companies
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of Year Finalist