Blake Mumford

Bryan and I met in a Dale Carnegie leadership course in 2000, and it has been my pleasure to watch his entrepreneurial visions develop. In those the early days one could recognize the compass-like clarity of direction he possessed; and his ability to inspire and systemize the efforts of others towards such. Never before have I worked with someone so fluent in the interplay between the system, the heart and the productive-hand. Fast-forward ten years and the results speak for themselves. His ideas become reality. January 30, 2011

David Komp

Zig Zigler has a famous quote, “You can have everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want. Bryan created a successful business that assists other companies in promoting and creating their own success. He personifies that quote. Success comes with specific responsibilities. One of those, the most important I feel, is passing on the information and assisting others in creating their own success. Bryan Welton does that every day. He creates an environment for growth, training and personal development. His ability to connect with others and pass on his vision is a rare gift. He attracts great people to surround him and assist him with that vision which only increases the learning opportunities. I have learned so much from him in just a short period of time and I look forward to everything else he will be teaching me. January 28, 2011

Nate Bowler

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

"Bryan is a superb business manager and Namifiers is an exceptional company. His attention to detail and focus on execution allows for Namifiers to have the best turnaround time on promotional orders in the industry." October 13, 2010

Justin Anderson, ADS

As one of the fastest growing dental laboratories in the US it was vital for our company to accurately evaluate the greatest contributing factors to our sustained success. After a careful assessment of our organization, its structure, processes and products we found that the mentoring and wisdom provided by Bryan Welton was the literal foundation for our achievements.

Bryan not only provided us with strategic plans to improve current process, he presented insights that have allowed us to eliminate road blocks by preventing problems before they have even come into focus. By offering practical, straightforward guidance, Bryan takes on the role of an invaluable team member.

As a result of implementing Bryan’s clear approach to business management our team has been inspired to apply proved principles that have enabled significant increases in every one of our divisions, regardless of economic conditions.

Bryan has continually served as a sounding board when we have been faces with a variety of obstacles. He has helped us not only overcome the challenges we have confronted but more importantly has empowered our team to recognize that the real measure of achievement is progress.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Bryan and the places his guidance takes us next.

Nate Bowler

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

"Bryan is a superb business manager and Namifiers is an exceptional company. His attention to detail and focus on execution allows for Namifiers to have the best turnaround time on promotional orders in the industry." October 13, 2010

Larry Childs

"I worked closely with Bryan for several years. He is bright, competent, and well organized. Above all he is great individual and a man of integrity." October 13, 2010

Chris Jensen

"Bryan is one of the most business savvy people I have ever met. He has put together many new and amazing processes that has helped his company grow astronomically even during times when the economy seems to be shrinking. His people skills have allowed him to work hand in hand with all levels of his company driving and motivated each employee. He has taken his current company Namifiers, LLC from a small 100 square foot office to its current 80,000 square foot facility. He has done this by being on the cutting edge of the Identification and promotional industry. He is a man that never says no. He seems to always find a way to do any task whether large or small. He is a leader in every aspect of his life. He is someone that you can look up to all the time and never seems to let you down. I consider myself very lucky to know Bryan and to be apart of his company." October 13, 2010

Nick Vance

"A leader in the truest sense of the word. Bryan is always principle based which allows him to make honest, sincere, wise, and progressive decisions on a daily basis. I consider Bryan to be my mentor. He constantly finds opportunities to teach me and help me grow personally. The reason Bryan has such a fulfilling life is because he constantly is seeking to help those around him have a fulfilling life. He is a true friend." October 14, 2010

Jake Fackrell, FSBO Leader, LLC

"Mr. Welton is the epitome of entrepreneurism! I have closely worked with him over the past several years and have found him to be a hard worker who has developed his company into the juggernaut that it is today. His expertise and insight into the innerworkings of companies is of utmost value and worth. I highly recommend Mr. Welton as a consultant or speaker. His character is rock solid and when Mr. Welton gives you his word, it's as good as any signed contract." October 14, 2010

Mark Herre

"For over 2 years I've worked with Bryan and have learned more about entrepreneurship than anyone else. I studied four years in college majoring in Entrepreneur Business and would like to say it has been a great pleasure to learn from Bryan first hand. Recently I posted a blog titled "Namifiers: Best Place to Work in the World": www.nametags.org/index.php/2008/09/17/namifiers-best-place-to-work-in-the-world To sum it up: Good People = Simplified Processes + ________ = Growth (If you are the CEO of a top INC 500 organization, you fill in the blank.) Bryan's answer: Accountablilty Accountablilty, a variable to the equation that equals Growth. Spoken like a true entrepreneur and expanded only as Bryan could. For a complete explanation, please contact him to elaborate." October 14, 2010

Scott Phillips

"Bryan is unique among the many business owners that I work with. He has the rare combination of being a visionary and a master organizer. In other words, he sees things beyond what most people see and then has the skills to implement that vision and realize the full potential. I would trust him to succeed in a business environment as much or more than any person I know. Additionally, he operates with integrity and can be trusted. In short, given his capacity, I would recommend him in about any situation." October 15, 2010

Brad Gasaway

"Bryan is a rare gem among business leaders. I have never met anyone with such an impeccable balance of ambition and self-discipline. He is a genuine people builder. Whether employee or friend, they feel how much he cares about them, they catch the vision of how they can grow, and press on to greater achievement. I've witnessed it time and time again in business settings, but even more impressive, in my view, is how he takes that same care and dedication home to his family every day and in every other cause the he gets behind." October 21, 2010

Travis DeVere, Chase Bank

"I have worked with Bryan Welton for several years as his commercial banking relationship manager. Bryan has a keen understanding of business operations and how to successfully manage all of the processes that contribute to a company's success. I have seen his expertise and attention to detail related to turn times, inventory management, receivables turn time, capital ratios and financial ratios. I've always been impressed with how much control and mastery he has of all of the detailed workings of his ever-changing commercial business. Namifiers is an amazing company with extraordinary leadership! -Travis DeVere" October 29, 2010

Garrett Chesley

"I've known Bryan personally for more than a decade and have consistently found him to be intelligent, incredibly determined, and warm while remaining flexible and creative in his decision-making process and in working through difficulties. I highly recommend him." October 30, 2010

Justin Stoddart, Prema Communities

"Bryan is a very intelligent and talented individual who has the ability to create, design, innovate, organize and lead more effectively than others that I have had the opportunity to work with. More importantly than this, I was privileged to be able to witness Bryan making ethical decisions in the face of adversity, which demonstrated to me that regardless of the circumstances, he is a man of integrity." November 12, 2010

Jylare Smith

"I have worked with Bryan for over a year and he has taught me more than I would learn from anyone else in any number of years. He is dedicated to helping people with their business. His old fashioned approach to working hard has proved to be successful and it teaches many lessons. He is a rare person that is dedicated to every area of his life. Bryan has a way of showing you your potential and how much well you can succeed. He lives his life with integrity and it shows strongly in his professional, successful life. I recommend Bryan whole heartedly. Working with him has been a great decision."